As an artist working with sound and sensation, I investigate how our self-awareness in any given moment functions in relationship to our presence in space, place, and time. I work with sensation and perception to create environments that provoke a heightened sense of awareness of one’s self. I use and manipulate sound, reflective surfaces, and vibrations to construct experiences that draw attention to and call into question our relationship to our surroundings. These situations play with physical, spatial, and temporal reference points to take what is often a minimal presentation and make it an overwhelming experience. 

The mechanics of sound and how they are affective, both physically and mentally, are a central part of my current work.  I engineer audio of layered sine waves and recorded sound that fill a space and envelope anyone in it. Sine waves create a very noticeable physical response in the body. As the sine waves are layered, they create dissonant pulses called binaural beats that further activate the body in ways that feel and sound different as encountered while moving around in a space. Field recordings are sometimes layered into the audio to anchor the experience to a specific time, place, or experience.